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All Star Vocals

Contact: Elisha Beech
Website: www.allstarvocals.co.uk

All Star Vocals classes are all about teaching children to sing correctly and understanding singing techniques but doing it in a way, which is fun and engaging to help build their confidence. Each 10-week term ends with a performance to friends and family, showcasing all the students have learnt.  
Elisha Beech is the principle of the new All Star Vocals School in Birmingham. Elisha is a Mum of young children, a music teacher and she sings gospel in her spare time. Parents will be reassured to know that Elisha spends a great deal of time going through the lyrics of all the songs she uses to ensure that they are appropriate for children to sing.
Learning to sing is great for developing children’s confidence and self esteem, as well as powers of concentration and memory. It has also been proven to have health benefits. When we sing, we feel better because it releases endorphins in our brains – like eating a chocolate bar but without the calories!

So, if you are looking for a fun, engaging activity to do with your junior school child or teenager, which they will really want to do, look no further and give Elisha at All Star Vocals a call!


Contact: Zoe Cutler
Website: www.babynatal.co.uk

BabyNatal supports families to have a confident, empowered and enjoyable experience into parenthood. Whether you have a baby on the way, or are unsure about how to handle something with your newborn, BabyNatal can help.

The BabyNatal ethos is about CHOICE – they will never teach you one method and claim it is the ‘best’ – they know all families are different, and so they will guide you through a few choices,so you can work out what is right for you – for your family, your pregnancy, your baby.


Zoe Cutler is a Mum herself to a 21 month old baby boy, Edward.

Zoe sadly encountered pregnancy related problems for two years but was delighted to have her baby boy in 2012, who arrived over 5 weeks early. Zoe attended local antenatal classes but her last class was whilst she admitted in the hospital with pre-eclampsia.  While the classes covered birthing options and labour stages Zoe didn’t feel that they fully equipped her for the hardest job she has ever done – being a mummy!

Zoe is passionate about working with expectant parents and families and feels that being part of the BabyNatal team will allow her to share my experiences and passions of parenthood with other families and equip them with the tools to cope with the ‘what next?’ after the birth, which can often be seen as a mystery!  

BabyNatal Practical Baby Care, Colic & Baby Calming and Baby Sleep workshops provide options for parents and expectant parents. The classes are inclusive to everyone and offer discussion and practical elements around a range of baby care techniques. This allows parents to be equipped with the knowledge to make the right choice for themselves and their baby as every parent and baby is an individual.  The workshops are informative, relaxed and give parents options in a non-judgmental and unbiased way to enable you to make the decisions that suits you best.

Zoe has classes running in Harborne and Halesowen and she can also provide private classes in the comfort of your own home, within or outside of these areas.  We love the fact that this is on offer as some parents want or need more privacy. Class dates, venue details and prices can be found at www.babynatal.co.uk also check out my Facebook page www.facebook.com/BabyNatalZoe for more information and offers.

Zoe looks forward to meeting you and making the transition into parenthood as smooth as possible!


Contact: Matt Dredger
Website: www.borroclub.co.uk

At Borroclub we offer more efficient use of the resources around us.  This is achieved by the sharing of household items within a local community. 

Owners of items can derive a benefit from items lying idle in their home by uploading them onto our website, and earning an income when someone borrows them.  Meanwhile members that need to fulfil a job can access an item from our members for a faction of the purchase price.

The items that can be shared are endless, take a look at our blog which lists the items that were searched for in March that couldn’t be fulfilled.  It’s an eclectic list ranging from DIY items to canoe paddles!  Click here for some inspiration https://www.borroclub.co.uk/blog-post/march-missed-opportunities/

 Sign up today and enter the unique code “busyparent"  http://www.borroclub.co.uk

0800 689 0695

Bumpalicious Maternity

Contact: Amanda Rees
Website: www.bumpaliciousmaternity.co.uk

Bumpalicious Maternity is the only specialist maternity wear retailer in Birmingham, selling a carefully thought through selection of the very best in high quality and stylish maternity wear. From dresses to see you through your pregnancy and beyond to maternity business suits, the Bumpalicious Maternity range is chosen with the fashion conscious, elegant and modern pregnant lady in mind. This is a lady who wants to look glamorous and feel wonderful throughout her pregnancy and she chooses her maternity clothing with this in mind.

Amanda Rees, who runs Bumaplicious Maternity, is amother of two, so she understands that shopping for maternity clothes can be daunting and tiring. To take the hassle out of maternity wear shopping, Amanda offers a unique at home premises in Moseley to allow you to view the range in full; from maternity jeans to stunning maternity evening wear. It is all available for you to try on in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Amanda won't rush you, and you are welcome to bring along a friend and Amanda will provide the tea and biscuits!

At Busy Parents Network, we wish Bumpalicious Maternity was around when we were pregnant. It would have saved many hours of searching for stylish maternity clothes that we enjoyed wearing and felt comfortable in. We think Amanda’s friendly, personal and knowledgable service is a god-send to busy parents and we are delighted to wholeheartedly recommend Bumpalicious Maternity to the Mums and Mums to be of Busy Parents Network.

0845 003 8301


Contact: Anna Swift
Website: cooshoo.co.uk

Busy Parents Network is delighted to recommend a family run children’s shoe shop which has opened up in Kings Heath called CooShoo.

We have been so impressed by Anna Swift and her team of shoefitters. CooShoo is a lovely shop and they have a fantastic range of children’ shoes from school shoes to brightly coloured shoes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. They also provide a really friendly and yet professional and knowledgeable service. Add in the fact that they have a lovely children’s play area in the shop and also stock funky accessories – many made by local crafters – and suddenly the trip to a shoe shop seems more like a pleasure than something to be endured!

Give CooShoo a go. We know you won’t be disappointed!

  • Pre-walkers to teens
  • Fitted Shoes from £31.99
  • Qualified Fitters
  • School Shoes
  • Appointments Available
  • Footwear Suitable Orthotics Users
  • Play Area in Store
  • Loyalty Scheme and 10% Discount for Twins
  • On Street Parking


21a York Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7SA

Opening Hours Monday – Friday 9.30 – 17.00, Saturday 9.00 – 17.00 

0121 444 1808