About us

Sarah Mullen

Busy Parents Network is the brainchild of Sarah Mullen. 

Sarah is a busy parent of three children and has always had a passion for family and community, seeing the two as co-existent and beneficial. There is much truth in the African saying “it takes a whole village to raise a child”!

In May 2012, Busy Parents Network was born. It started very small with a handful of families and since then word has spread and it has grown exponentially across Birmingham, the West Midlands region and surrounding counties. 

Community has always been at the heart of Busy Parents Network. And when we say community we mean real community – real people meeting up face to face to chat, share their lives and connect with one another.  We do this through our immensely popular family festivals and other community events. This is what sets Busy Parents Network apart from other parent networks. We are not just connecting with one another in cyber-space but in real time and space. It is true that we now have a wide following but Sarah is still out welcoming people at every single Busy Parents Network event and aims to make real connections between people which she hopes will lead to lasting friendships and better community living. 

Sarah is our Creative Director and she dreams up all the ideas for our family events, using her amazing organisational skills and attention to detail – honed in 14 years legal practice as a solicitor! – to mastermind our festivals and programme Bournville BookFest. 

Sarah is also a fantastic cook and bakes most of the cakes available in our Community Kitchen at Bournville Community Hub.

Sarah James

Another mother-of-three, Sarah James is one of the Busy Parents Network directors, and keeps things running smoothly as Manager of Bournville Community Hub, calmly overseeing all the different groups coming and going! 

Formerly a forensic scientist, Sarah occasionally hosts Who Dunnit-style Forensic Science Days and Thursday Story time.  

Oh, and she has the rather important job of keeping our books in order!

Lisa Godsal

Lisa is our Social Media Manager and Assistant Events Organiser.  With a degree in English literature and over twenty years working in advertising research, Lisa brings her love of literature and organisational skills to the task of programming Teen and Young Adults events at Bournville BookFest.  Lisa also maintains our social media presence across both Facebook (@BusyParentsNetwork ) and Twitter (@BusyParentsNet and @B.villeBookFest ).

Sala Davies

Sala is a marketing whizz. She promotes our events and edits the Busy Parents Network Directory. A trained journalist, former news editor and freelance chef, Sala has three boys.

Sophie Roberts

Qualified nursery teacher Sophie is the creative genius of the Busy Parents team. Her beautiful line drawings of fairy tale characters adorn the Magical Lands booklets, and she masterminds craft sessions we host at the Hub.