Busy Parents Family Festivals & Events

When the Cadbury brothers established Bournville, leisure time for their workers was high up on their agenda. As such, Bournville has a heritage of family events.
Fast forward 100 years and Busy Parents Network is now bringing the concept up to date for modern families. We organise fabulous Family Festivals – each with a different theme. Why do we do this? We know that modern family life is often very busy. By holding our Family Festivals we are seeking to create time and space for families to come together in our local community and enjoy spending time together having fun and learning new things, as well as connecting with other families around them. It is not unusual for 3 generations of the same family to come to our Family Festivals and our events are always a popular choice for groups of friends and their children to meet up and have a day out together.
We have an exciting programme of events across the whole year, catering specifically for families with children aged 0 to 11 years old. We guarantee you and your children will have a memorable family outing. So you need never be short of things to entertain the children!
Bournville’s beautiful parks, village green and the Bournville estate provides a stunning backdrop for our events.  Whether you’re looking to entertain your toddler at our Farm & Harvest Festival, engage your school age child at our Hands on History day or enthuse any of your children about books at our Bournville Children’s Book Festival, we have a Family Festival for you.
We look forward to welcoming you to one of our events soon.